Create a basic Todos table

We're gonna need to create a todos table for our todos application.

Create table using Hasura console

Here is how you navigate to your Hasura console.

Click on the project you would like to work on below.

image info

This will take you to the project dashboard that looks like this

image info

Go to the Hasura tab and click on "Open Hasura Console"

Hasura Console

That will take you to your Hasura console that looks like the following. image info Click on DATA page at the top(right next to API tab). Then click on "public" schema. You are here. image info Now click on create table and add the following column properties:

Column NameColumn typeDefault value

image info Use this preconfigured id property and then add another column called "name" with type "text"

Finally your table should look like this: image info

Go ahead and click on "add table"

To test this out, create a few todos by clicking on "Insert row" image info

To test queries, go to the graphql API pane and paste the following query into the GraphiQL query editor

query {
  todos {

You should see your todos on the right side


For now the only way to access todos is as an admin(Which means that you need to send in the x-hasura-admin-secret). Let's change that to public so anyone can insert and select todos.

The public role is used by users that are not logged in.


Row insert permissions should be set to Without any checks and Column insert permissions should only have name checked. image info


Row select permissions should be set to Without any checks and Column select permissions should have all columns checked. image info

Anyone can now insert and select todos. This is not secure, but it's a good start. We will secure our backend later when we add authentication.